Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Portable Operations from the Back Deck

Here is a simple easy to grab and go radio set up.

The foundation is the battery box.

I have a 12A 12V  SLA mounted inside and added a 4 pole anderson pole on the side.

I also added a 3/8" female stud antenna mount and ground/radial binding post. I can now connect my Buddistick or Hustler RM17 antenna to the box.

In order to accommodate the Elecraft KX3, I made up a shelf assembly and added a front foot to stabilize the box.

My list of improvements are to:

 Add a higher capacity battery to power a FT857D possibly
Add a USB socket with voltage monitor
Add a collapsible antenna that fits in the box
Add a magnetic mic holder
Add a light for night time log keeping and operating

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