Saturday, October 10, 2015

Packtenna in the Wild

Thanks to George at Packtenna for a development kit to try out

I am very pleased with the performance of the the 3 baluns I made and my operations on 20m and above

The approach to get as much wire in the air helps make more contacts because its a 20m dipole at full length of 32 feet not a shorter antenna

I have the shorter antennas and they all serve a purpose but if I can get a dipole up then my antenna is more efficient

I have to make my baluns protected with a full heat shrink but i am very pleased with the performance

The standard T-200 toroid is NOT the best choice it seems and with my focus on 20m and up operation the -63 mix is better

Check out

In this demo its just a silly 20m dipole but the brilliance is in the balun and the pcb board

the excellent and well designed 1:1 balun

My tripod and mast system gets it up quickly and efficiently

CQ DX...
Nite EZe and orange paracord is a blessing

Get orange paracord. The black stuff just means that you will walk into it unless you are trying to be covert

Bingo the match is spot on...just follow the instructions and measure twice and cut once

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